Cats Claw 100

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Cats Claw 100 capsules from Peru

  • Cats Calw 100 capsules 500mg from Peru
  • Hard gelatin capsule
  • 1 capsules each day are recommended
  • At least durable to: 08.2014
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„“Uña de Gato“, in popular English also called „Cat’s Claw“, is a liana (a climbing plant) that is mostly native to South America. The name comes from the claw-like shape of its thorns that provide secure support and self protection. The botanical name is Uncaria Tomentosa.

“Cat’s Claw” has been the subject of many scientific studies, especially in South America, investigating its composition and material contents. The bark in particular contains much iron as well as a considerable number of secondary vegetable substances (Flavonoids, Proanthocyanidine).

The bark is highly valued by the local indigenous population and utilized for various purposes.

The numerous Indian groups harbour a unique knowledge of nature. The tradition goes back for hundreds of years and represents an enormous treasure house of experience which is becoming more and more endangered by modern lifestyles. Knowledge of the powers of this liana has been transmitted to the “Western” world.

The raw material comes directly from Peru where it is also dried and pulverized. During importation it is thoroughly tested for all possible pollutants and encapsulated according to the latest ISO standards.

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