Guarana, 90 capsules

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Guarana, 90 capsules from Brazil (extract 5:1)

  • Composition: 500 mg natural guarana
  • One or two caps each day are recommended
  • At least durable to end: 06/2011
  • Lot number: 000350
Guarana has been applied by the Amazon indigene for ages. Still today it is a source for vigour, beauty, health and joy of life.

The botanic name of Guarana is “Paullina cupana”. The seed, which looks similar to the horse-chestnut, is roasted for six hours before further use. Long time before European settlers came into the Amazon region, the aborigines discovered the creeper with its red fruit and the dark kernels.

First, they called it “warana”, later the name turned to Guarana. The Amazon indigene took Guarana especially before they had to work hard or walk for a long time – it made them feel strong and lively. The secret is the Caffeine. Guarana contains nearly three times more caffeine than coffee.

In opposition to coffee or tea the caffeine from Guarana doesn’t burden heart, stomach or circulation. The Guaranin is more digestible than “normal” caffeine, because it is absorbed in the gut. The high share of roughage and rough strings is responsible for a considerate and slow emission of the caffeine.

Thus, Guarana is especially suitable for persons, who don’t endure coffee or tea, but don’t want to dispense with the stimulating and refreshing effect.

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