Pure Spiruline, 300 tablets

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  • Spiruline 300 tablets
  • Composition: Pure Spirulina, 300 mg each
  • 3-4 tabs a day are recommended
  • At least durable to end: 11/2013
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Pure Spiruline, 300 tablets, 300 mg. each – good for all. Spirulina Platensis, a pre-cell blue seaweed, is an excellent nutritional supplement.

This microscopic seaweed contains a great number of vegetal colorants, particularly, ficocianines, chlorophylls and carotinoids. All these matters have the proved beneficiary properties. Each seaweed cell contains numerous vitamins and co-factors which optimizes the metabolism process.

Pure Spirulina, 300 tablets, 300 mg each. Spiruline seaweed is a nutritional supplement rich in proteins and easily absorbable by the organism. Without additives and conservants. The protein structure contains 20 amino acids including the essential ones. The organism easily absorbs the proteins, Spiruline’s vitamins and minerals, which immediately joint our metabolism.

Spiruline is a complete nutritional supplement providing solar energy and vital substances. This seaweed is a main balanced and complete food. Its cultivation in soda rich water assures the absence of heavy metals and other contaminations. Pure Spiruline! Without additives and conservants.

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