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Yam Root from Mexico
  • Yam Root 100 capsules
  • Composition: 500 mg natural Yam Root
  • 2 capsules each day are recommended
  • At least durable to: 07/2014
  • Lot. Number 21027032/5
Yam Root from Mexico offers treatment in cases of hormonal disturbances in women as well as in men! Yam Root (dioscorea) comes from a century-old tradition. Over 600 varieties are known in Asia, America and Africa. The Wild Yam Root is considered to be the most valuable.

The root extract of the Wild Yam plant contains diosgenin. Together with the body’s own hormone progesterone, diosgenin is important for the balance of oestrogen and testosterone.

Wild Yam extracts can help stabilize this delicate equilibrium.

Many important researchers have carried out studies regarding DHEA. Results show that DHEA increases vitality and well-being especially during middle age and older adults. It strengthens the body’s self defences, has a positive influence during menopause and strengthens libido. The diosgenin naturally found in Yam Root enhances the body’s production of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone).

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